Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fell in love today...

Since before little Mac was conceived, I have educated and entertained myself with reading "Mommy Blogs". I have read so many, a lot of them never peaking my interest enough to return for a second view. I find myself using the term "Information Overload" more and more now that I am pregnant, just due to what seems like an infinite number of never-ending experts, advice columnists, mommy bloggers, ect.

FINALLY - A breath of fresh air. Today I stumbled across a hidden gem of a blog... one that I have already bookmarked, and will revisit time and time again. It is called Inked In Colour, and I implore you to check it out. What caught my attention first off, was the fact that the Mom blogging was from Australia,  and had just moved to a remote town in Indonesia to be closer to her husband (you can read more about their story on her blog). To be quite frank, I'm always interested in reading anything that comes from a person in a different culture then ours because I find a lot of our "Americanized" information to be, well, not educational or interesting.

 After reading her newest blog entry, I decided to go back through and start at the very beginning, reading each post in order. I think the moment I fell in love was with the post "Something Borrowed, Something Blue?" where the blogger talks about the "rule" of dressing your child in "gender appropriate" colors, decorating, ect. Then when I read her post "The culture of sleep..." which talked about co-sleeping and how natural it is in most countries - while it's a used as a scare tactic here...

All I can say is reading through this blog felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, the writing style is very calming. There are no promotional giveaways, no endorsed product reviews, no flashy baby photo shoots... just honest, simple, enlightening posts about a new mother and her baby girl.

Check it out.


  1. Hey - thanks for visiting our blog! I'm so happy you love it! ;) Looking forward to reading your adventures and having you share ours! xox


    1. I found you via inkedincolour. I love your honesty, you are so true about her blog. It shows the true meaning of blogging and it is a reminder of why we all started blogging in the first place. She is the first blog that I have ever subscribed to via email, I have had zero regrets!

      Think you for finding her post Something Borrowed, Something Blue. I needed it.